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Thread: Mauser MO3 - heavier calibre s

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    Mauser MO3 - heavier calibre s

    Hi All

    Considering the purchase of a MO3 either in Extreme or PH format initially in 300 win mag, with the fluted match barrel format [19mm], and then adding a 404 Jeff spare barrel at a later date. The idea being an "economical" way of owning a high quality rifle in two calibres, that will find specific uses if not frequent use!
    I know the MO3 rifles are on the heavier side but probably in the heavier calibres that I am considering probably and advantage and I may even consider the recoil reducer option!

    Has anyone got MO3 extreme/ph in the heavier calibres thoughts/experiences partic in regards to stock fit and accuracy?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I have not owned one but shot one in .375 and it was suprising nice you certainly new it when u shot it but it was not un nerving. In all a very robust rifle which would promote the confidence you need to shoot large game. For me it would be one in .375 with a 30.06 spare barrel the perfect pairing for africa.

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    A friend has M0-3 in 404 Jeffery lovely rifle,i personally don't like the safety and he had issues with head spacing with reloads,rounds misfired,as for weight big bores can be too light i find.

    400GR Barnes banded solids
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    Thanks for the replies.
    lovely looking rifle, I presume that is a high grade stock?
    Did you mean you found the MO3 too light in the .400?
    The head space issue I presume came with light or heavy for calibre heads?



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