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Thread: Ovuplant in dogs

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    Ovuplant in dogs

    Anyone ever used Ovuplant on their bitch to make her come into season ? I've got a cocker I would like to breed from but I've never seen her in heat. Been told by a cat breeder the you can use the above product on dogs. Just wondered if anyone has experience.
    ​thanks Steve

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    Unless you have a vet stocking the product already it would be very expensive. There are other injection protocols that can be used.

    The only one I have direct experience of is the use of a drug called Receptal. Contact your vet - the drug company will provide them with a protocol.

    Used it twice in similar circumstances and 100% success rate.

    All these products are prescription only and not licensed for use in dogs. Speak to your vet.

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    Used Receptal on cows didn't realise you could use it on dogs. Did you use it for non cycling bitches or silent heats? I think my dog does come into heat but I am not seeing it. I've seen her spotting once a couple of years ago when she was too young but not since. She couldn't get more excitable than she is everyday. I have asked my vets. Their response is " get a male dog you'll soon see" Not very helpful when you want to breed her to a top notch FTCh. TB testing in the morning so will have time to chat without being billed. I'll ask about Receptal and Ovuplant.
    ​Thanks Steve

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