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Thread: F****ing poachers. Any ideas please?

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    F****ing poachers. Any ideas please?

    A stalking friend and I have adjacent permisions, his is a great bit of arable ground still in stubble consisting of three massive fields thick hedges and woodland to the south. Mine is a beef farm to the west.
    last week he found 3 dead does in various states of decay and tyre tracks across the stubble. This morning we went out before light to another local patch only to notice fresh mud out of one of these fields and lo and behold another doe with her arse torn out by dogs just left in the field.
    So we know they've been twice in one week and are using dogs. Why are'nt they taking all the deer they kill? The fields have no gates and numerous access points. Is there anything we can do to stop/catch them. we haven't reported to the ploice yet, is it worth it? If we do catch up with them do we really want to be in a toe to toe situation with that sort?
    Thanks for reading any help appreciated. Can't believe how frustrated and pissed of I feel particularly as the area is only 2 miles away.


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    Report it to police, it's always worth if any poachers are caughty it all builds a picture for any cases for court. Take pictures of everything.

    As far as trying to catch them. Well that's a tough one. I would set up a hide and wait for them over a few nights. Get as much detail as you can and call cops. carefully decide If you want to stop them. Sec 3 crim law allows anyone to detain anyone using MINIMAL force!! IF you suspect them of about/is/has committing a crime. There are some evil people out there who would do you serious injury.

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    Report each and every poaching incident and demand a crime number. This will stop the police from sweeping it under the carpet and i bet you are not the only suffering. It's likely they are well known to the police.

    You really don't want to get into a conflict with this scum as it's lilkely they are more than willing to attack you and they have shown total contempt for the law and any possible land owner.

    A few years back in Essex we had a similar prob with the police just not interested with the inevitable 'it'll take us too long to get there.' There 'could' be a couple of things you could try:

    1. Get some of the shotgun shell type mines which can be bought cheaply in the gun stores. Lay a few trip wires with the mines placed strategically to fire off when the drive across it or the dogs trip them. Position the shell/mine back towards the crossing/activation point and i wouldn't be at all surprised if it resulted in a few hysterical dogs.
    That'll also ruin their night as it will announce their presence to the surrounding countryside and encourage them to sod off for fear of being caught.

    2. If there are choke points like gates and access points where they must cross, remove your animals from the area and sow the areas with caltrops. Very easy to make, just take 4 nails and weld into the shape where one nail is always sticking up. A few shredded tyres and or lame dogs may well result.
    A variation is driving sharpened angle-iron into the mud, in the middle of the gate way and angled back to puncture/get caught on sumps, etc

    3. By all means sit up for them, but as soon as you observe their presence, get on the blower and call the police. Make sure you state repeatedly that they are on the land as tresspassers and are armed with guns. The word 'gun' will immediately make it a priority. Do not approach them.

    Important - i couldn't possibly instruct you to do any of these..especially the caltrops and spikes as you'd have to deny all knowledge of their existance if ever questioned

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    scotsgun is spot on. Very good advice, specifically do not get involved observe(get photographic evidence if possible) and report to the police. Make it the police's problem, frankly the last thing you want to do is confront them, they are doing something illegal in any case, so won't hesitate to be 'aggressive'.



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    I would stake out the area for a few nights armed with a video recorder and a mobile phone. As soon as they turn up start recording and get on the phone to the police the whole time recording if possible.

    I wouldn't advise a confrontation unless you've got a bunch of mates with you!

    Don't mention that you've been filming and then should it go to court, once they've had their say and no doubt made up a few stories regarding looking for their dog which ran off, bring out the video evidence!

    To prevent it happening further I would advise digging ditches round the fields and installing heavy duty gates and locks.


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    I'll second the shot alarm idea, it properly sh*ts up coursing dogs, we had problems a few years back and set some of them up, in the resulting panic caused by the 12g blanks they were kind enough to leave a dog and one of their licence plates behind! Bushwear do them for about a tenner.

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    Make sure you count your spikes as you sow them!

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    Much as it pains me to say it, but I would also advise against any 'direct action'. The problem with these 'people' (in the loosest sense!) is that they will blame any intervention on your landowner/farmer and he will end up bearing the brunt of any retaliation, machinery stolen, barns set alight etc.

    Discreetly monitor, keep a log, film, take registrations, photograph any evidence and keep on at the police.

    Maybe in light of all this going on you could convince the farmer to secure the field a bit better, dig some ditches, put in some gates etc?


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    Try and get hold of the section of the police that looks after wildlife crime etc. They will have a much greater knowledge of this than the average city policeman.

    They have broken plenty of laws - hunting with dogs, hunting deer at night and armed trespass. If they are using a licenced rifle then they have almost certainly broken a condition of their firearms ticket - "with lawful permission".

    I would get the farmer onside as well, but I would not take any direct action at all as they can be highly dangerous and wil cause all sorts of other damage as well.

    Leave it to the police.

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    we did the trip wire idea after seeing where they were coming from.
    very next day went to check and saw two hand prints,packets of fags lighter change etc,absolutelly pissed our selfs we havn't been bothered since.

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