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Thread: Northern Munties??

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    Northern Munties??

    Any comments on the above story? Incorrect identification, or have munties really pushed that far north??

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    northern munties

    They have spread up to the Humber on thier own. Some reorts suggest "dogmen" have live transorted them north for thier coursing value.


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    don't want to hijack this thread but thought it might be interesting to see how far the beloved munters have strayed from their original home!
    I have a friend who shoots munters with me, and lives in North Wales. He was working in Dolgellau driving home and swears he saw two munters fly across the road just in front of his Land Rover. So I'm fairly confident in saying they have them down there.
    We don't have them along the Bangor - Caernarfon area of the coast yet but I reckon it's only a matter of time.

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    I can confirm that munties have indeed travelled as far north as Darlington and have been there for at least 4 years. I regularly see them on the pheasant shoot I beat on.

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    I saw one south of York about 10 years ago.

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    None of this really surprises me. They don't walk north, mind, Transit van seems to be the preferred method of transport. Blame the dogmen, as Swampy says.

    There are definitely munties in two nature reserves in the south of Cumbria (and Mrs Mole swears she saw one near the M6 when we were driving through the lake District a couple of years ago), and rumours persist of them in certain parts of Scotland. No solid proof of that though.

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    Many sightings of munties around the Beverley area of east Yorkshire, yet to see one myself though but hopefully will do soon.

    and preferably through my scope!

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    Fair play to them I say!
    The good thing about Munters is that unless you know what you're looking for the general public would think they'd half seen a fox.
    Any sightings down the South Wales area or Notts?

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    Northern munties


    Can any of you give us any idea how far west these little deer have got.They have been seen in patches through to the irish sea but they jump 30 to 40 miles at a time (could bre care of white van man), mainly interested in route from west midlands through to the group seen in Dolgellau.

    Paul k did a good map of Wales on another thread but I am really interested in how munties are marching through the welsh marches into north and mid wales.


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    overs two years ago i heard there was a sighting of a 'funny little deer' seen between knighton and prestiegne(mid wales) but never had it comfirmed not sure if they are that far yet .
    i have only ever seen fallow and roe in radnor forest
    a butcher by mac on the dovey estuary once told me that they don't have any deer by them at all is this true?

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