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Thread: Cooper 6br m22 8 twist

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    Cooper 6br m22 8 twist

    For sale to fund new projectCooper m22 pheonix in 6br with 26" 8 twist barrel ($400 factory upgrade)
    Leupold 30mm rings/ bases and separate TET 0moa picatinny rail, pic rings not included.
    Screwcut 17mm spigot with the most invisable endcap ive ever seen, target crown
    Jetz compact .25 cal moderator
    Redding bushing body die
    Wilson seater
    50 brass (neck turned) although chamber doesnt require neck turning
    Wilson case holder for trimmer
    Rifle 1100
    Mod 150
    Dies/brass 100

    Any trial welcome.

    Includes load dwvelopment data for 70gn to 105gn bullets.
    Excellent condition, exact round count unknown but sub 500.

    Scope, bipod, sling and rings in picture not included.

    More detailed photos on request.

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