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Thread: A good morning

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    A good morning

    Got a last minute invitation on Friday evening for an early morning hunting on Saturday. The preparation was less than good as I had friends over from London and we dined until the small hours. After two hours sleep the alarm went off at 4.30 and 6.30 I was in the high seat. As dawn broke a squirrel scampered about the forest floor and I did not think I would see anything. At 7.30 a big fox appeared and I shot him on the move.

    With15 minutes left to finishing time, the hunt finishes at 9am, I began to tidy up the high seat. At 8.55 I heard some noise behind me and saw a Sika stag with two hinds. They were about 80 meters away. I too aim at the bigger hind, gave her a whistle, she stopped, I shot and down she went. The other hind bolted whilst the stag ran around confused. I managed a shot and down he went but he rolled about 100 meters. Out of 10hunters. I was privileged to shoot 3 out of the four beast bag. We had the livers for morning
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    Well done to you. A great morning!

    Well! I didn't know you had sika in Switzerland?

    Do you have a large population? Are they the Japanese, Formosan or Manchurian?

    ​Also when does the hind season start in Switzerland?

    Sorry for all the questions.


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    I was going to put how greedy lol
    great morning hope I have as good an evening

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    From what I understand Sika we're originally introduced to the Kanton of Appenzel in 1915. I hunt in the Kanton of Schaffhausen and grow reveir borders the German border. They are Japanese Sika and they do not grow to be very big. There is a good population of them. The hunting season runs from August 1st to 31st January.

    in October, we will start the driven hunts..........also for deer.

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    A good invitation and excellent work well done.


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    Well I've learned something today I never knew there were sika in Switzerland
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Sika are also present in Germany.....

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    Copied this from Wikipedia, looks like Sika have been introduced to a lot of different countries!!!

    Sika deer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Introduced populations

    Sika deer have been introduced into a number of other countries, including Australia, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Morocco, New Zealand, the Philippines (Jolo Island), Poland,Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States (Maryland, Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia, and Kansas). In many cases, they were originally introduced as ornamental animals in parklands, but have established themselves in the wild. On Spieden Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington, they were introduced as a game animal.
    In the UK and Ireland, several distinct feral populations now exist. Some of these are in isolated areas, for example on the island of Lundy, but others are contiguous with populations of the native red deer. Since the two species sometimes hybridise, there is a serious conservation concern.[9] In research which rated the negative impact of introduced mammals in Europe, the sika deer was found to be among the most damaging to the environment and economy, along with the brown rat and muskrat.[10]

    In the 1900s, King Edward VII presented a pair of sika deer to John, the second Baron Montagu of Beaulieu. This pair escaped into Sowley Wood and were the basis of the sika to be found in the New Forest today.[citation needed] They were so prolific, culling had to be introduced in the 1930s to control their numbers.[11]

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