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Thread: shotgun valuation

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    shotgun valuation

    Ive got a w greener ss ne dt its a f20 built in 1896 ive had gun completely restored by Steve Jones Trentfierarms .Iam going to sell this gun but havnt got clue wot the gun is worth. is their anyone with experience of these guns who can give me an idea thanks in advance Trevor

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    Try looking on Guntrader, there's 14 W. W. Greeners there of various sorts, see what most matches and compare condition. I think the market for side by side non ejectors still isn't fantastic, lots about, many to chose from. But light sxs's do have a use for many as a second gun, for days where there's lots of walking and not so much shooting. Condition will play a major role in the price of course.

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    Depends on the refurbishment
    but I would imagine
    it has cost you more than the gun is worth

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    Yep its going to be in the hundreds of pounds I'm afraid probably best to keep it and enjoy it.

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    Keep it till Christmas time. It will come in handy for turning your yule logs.

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