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Thread: Lost a Parker Hale Bolt - So What's the Cost?

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    Lost a Parker Hale Bolt - So What's the Cost?

    My mate has lost his bolt for a Parker Hale .308 and metal detectors where he shot last and turning his house inside hasn't helped. It's gone so a hard lesson learned for him.

    He likes his rifle but I guessed to remake a bolt for the rifle would be a few hundred quid with the making, fitting and proofing?

    Anyone know anything about this or is the rifle just a write off?

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    Making a replacement bolt would probably cost a small fortune...

    I think Norman Clark bought up the remaining Parker Hale spares, so I'd try contacting them and see how far you get. I'm guessing it would probably still need fitting (and proof if you plan to sell).

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    Years ago I lost a bolt for a 595 Tikka cost me 150 for a replacement, plus I had to get the head space checked and rifle re-proofed.

    Unless your mate can get a bolt from Norman Clark cheap, it might be better to pick up another P/H they are cheap enough.

    I informed my FLO, thought I might get some grief , but he was fine about it.



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    You have PM.


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    Have a word with Bill at Norman Clark Gunsmiths - he is 'the man' when it comes to PH rifles (he might even have built the rifle in question!). It's also worth talking to Andy Banner at UK Custom Shop in Droitwich, as he's a mine of information about PH rifles too and has all sorts of goodies salted away in his workshop...


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    Thanks guys, so it looks like in any case the bolt would be a few hundred pounds to sort but the good news.....

    it's not my rifle

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    No! Ring around some of the better long established places like Joe Beatham at Gunshop Barnet or Fulton's and you will be surprised what they have and have not.

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    Is it just a plain Jane Mauser 98 action bolt (try a pals bolt in it)? I did see the PH factory then located behind Armoury Road Birmingham in the nineteen-sixties and they had just a small bulding and not looking up to the full production of rifles, so I feel it may be a reworked military K98 system with a PH stamp and they are pretty easy items to find here in Germany.

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    Thanks guys, I'm ringing round

    This is getting interesting!!!

    So the PH actions are just JM 98's. Anyone got a spare one!?

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    Try the next Holts Sale in London. Parker Hale Rifles are always coming up in their Auctions and dont cost a lot of money. They mostly come up in their sealed Bid auctions. Check out their website

    Holts Auctioneers from Norfolk ( Sales in London) Buy another PH rifle for the bolt

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