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    Looking for a bit of ground mainly for foxes in the south if possible just like to be able to have a walk round with the lamp and sit out on a evening if possible
    Any interest please send me a pm be nice to get to know some regulars as well

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    South Africa? South Spain? South east Iceland?

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    You will probably do well to see how other similar threads go down, normally along the lines of.......
    'start knocking on doors' etc.....we all have do the legwork, get off the pooter and get out in the countryside introducing yourself to farmers, its the only way forward.
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Totally agree and im talking southern England Hampshire, Wiltshire areas and i have tried the visiting farms and always get the same reply NO

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    Try some more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaroo8 View Post
    South Africa? South Spain? South east Iceland?
    I did wonder that too and felt like suggesting a few places !! but you beat me to it.
    This is another reason I get a B in my bonnet about people not putting their apx location, it helps tremedously as to whether others can help the poster or not.

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