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Thread: Nikon monarch bins

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    Nikon monarch bins

    These seam to be a good deal on tinternet at the mo. I think they must have a new model out.

    Anybody have any experiance with these bins, I know they are not Sworo's etc but am on a tight budget!!!!!!!!!!

    Any help much apprieciated.


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    I've never looked through any Nikons, but I use a pair of Brownings as my binos - not Swaro's, but not with a Swaro price tag either .

    They give a very clear sight picture, and I think I paid around 200 quid for 'em about 18mnths ago. Definitely not 'chinese chuckaways'!! May be worth having a gander through if you're not one of the euro lottery winners from Friday?

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    Iíve had an 8x42 pair for nearly 5 years now. Great optics but the eye piece twister rubbers need to be taped into position now. I use (and abuse) them in all weathers and probably do 30 full days plus umpteen short trips a year. £180- £200 now but well worth it. Iíll buy another pair similar to them with 10 or 12x mag soon to help me on the bigger areas I stalk.
    I know that there are way better bins out there but 5years top service so far and more to come canít be bad for under £200.

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    I can vouch for them too, used them hard for a few years before they started falling apart (eye cups).

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    Cheers guys
    The twilight factor of over 25 for the 12x56 seams impressive, most of the beasts around me bugger off at very first light and identifing sexes at this time agaisnt woodland margines is a nightmare.
    So was thinking about these, I know they are on the high end of magnification. Mmmm


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    I have a pair of Monarchs. They are great. Excellent value for money with outstanding performance. Leica will cost x3 more. If money is not an issue go for Leica. Otherwise there is very little you will see with a Leica that you will not see with a Monarch. If it is almost dark than it is probably not safe to shoot. I would not get a x12. I pushed the limits by getting a x10. x7-x8 is more suitable for stalking. Buy a monarch and you will not regret it!

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    Nikon Bino's

    Another good pair of Nikon Binoculars are the Action EX seriers. They are a cheaper binocular but have a very wide field of view. I broought a pair of Leupold Cascades home from the states last year to "upgrade" and when I looked through them side by side It was like looking through a tunnel the Nikons were so wide. Have I missed deer by scanning to fast .....who can say. Incidentally I have had the same problem with the eye cups as the other chap.

    Hope this helps


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