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Thread: 5/8 unf 30 cal muzzle brake

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    5/8 unf 30 cal muzzle brake

    Hi all,

    Looking for a 5/8 unf brake to calm my 308 down a little bit. Preferably in black and something that doesn't break the bank!



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    What's your barrel dia at the muzzle?

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    Ill measure it tomorrow (away from home for the night) its a heavy barreled howa 1500

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    I have a 1500 in .308 with the 20" heavy varmint barrel so should be 21.7mm

    I have to say it shoots very nicely without a brake fitted (and even better with a mod on) but that may have something to do with the stock, mine has the Knoxx Axiom fitted.
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    Mine is 24" not sure if the barrel tapers or varies at all? I shoot with a mod sometimes but would prefer a break due to doing a fair bit of range shooting

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    Hi, I have one in stainless steel made for a stout barrel. Outside diameter just under 1". 35.00 plus 2.60 postage. You can have it and try it if you like, if you don't mind paying the postage.

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    Hi Neil

    Do you have any photos please? Id be very interested if It matches upto the gun well.

    Best regards

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