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Thread: RCBS 5-0-5 Scale .........missing the scoop

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    RCBS 5-0-5 Scale .........missing the scoop

    I bought RCBS Rock Chucker reloading kit 5 years and have just gotrten round to setting it up. The press has been installed and the desk organized. I then tried to caibrate the scale (Model 5-0-5) but have just discovered that the scoop is nowhere to be found. Can they be bought separately?

    Many thanks

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    Yes they can but they are not cheap. Midway UK list them at 26 plus postage
    an alternative would be one of the plastic pans that combine a powder funnel.
    Either way, you will need to recalibrate your scale even if you decide to go for the original type. It would be unusual to be the same weight as the original.
    I made this video some time ago, about half way through I show how to recalibrate for a new pan.

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    Thank you very much for that. I will bite the bullet, pun intended and buy one. Seems bizarre that one wasn`t included in the packaging...........

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