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    I am just trying to get a bit of info here.
    I am in the process of changing jobs. Coming out of farming to get in to the family business. Selling tractors, forklifts and Polaris
    we are just about to take over the Polaris dealership.
    I am just wan to get people's background and view of the products.
    I know everyone will have a different views on them. Good or bad. I'll take it all.

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    I use a sportsman for stalking far better than my honda 500 foreman over bad and uneven ground My friend uses a 6x6 ranger will go where mountain goats can't

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    Always heard mixes views on Polaris, think they had bad press with the Diesel Quad which put a lot off. What I've seen of them they seem pretty good. The 500 HO was a beast with plenty of grunt and ability, comfy to ride to.

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    I have a Ranger 500 and am very happy with it,its 15 months old and on its second set of tyres so gets a fair bit of use and often with 200+kg of feed on goes pretty much anywhere!!!..........I had a new battery under warranty and not touched it otherwise....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb7x57 View Post
    I use a sportsman for stalking far better than my honda 500 foreman over bad and uneven ground My friend uses a 6x6 ranger will go where mountain goats can't
    yeah I heard the 6x6 is some machine.
    The rangers are right up the top of the market.
    Never driving a Polaris bike yet.
    With the 4x4 ranger you can get tracks. This should be unstoppable unless you are being silly
    cheers for the feed bad. Keep it coming

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    I think they are generally decent working machines , my brother uses a few of them extensively on commercial pheasant shoot hauling feed about all day, he's had the odd problem machine he's thrown back and had replaced.
    We only have one for our shepherd ,Our 6x6 has never worked right from new as soon as it gets hot it shuts down which is really handy if your 6miles up the glen no phone ect ect. Had it just over a year and it's spent 1/4 of that time broken down with a whole range of issues . The agents have stood by it and replaced gear box already but that's it gone again and it's only been back a month. Apparently most of the issues stem from it being badly assembled in the first place ?? It's the down time and the day lost running it back to the agents each time that is wearing. We have an old honda quad which is 10yrs old and still starts every morning if a little rough.

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    Hopefully we can provide a quick and effective service. We will be doing our best to have you up and running in know time. With parts in the store at all times and a great fleet of mechanics on hand.
    We have a great service and after sale reputation with our other product.

    It will be a big change for me. Yes I get away from working with sheep.
    ​for the feedback

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    I have a 400ho ranger, it's my second been using them for 9 years and cant fault them (as long as you put a decent winch on it if your ground is at all soft).
    good luck


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    Hi Andy. Are you right at the top of Scotland.
    Have you ever thought of putting tracks on the ranger. This should sort out that problem out.

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    Out of interest how do they compare to an argo.

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