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Thread: Freezer will look full soon

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    Freezer will look full soon

    Just finished butchering up two fallow bucks shot last week they have been hung for a week before i set to work on them.

    I have converted the carcasses to loin steaks , leg steaks , cubed meat for stews/curries a couple of good size joints and 22lbs of meat for burgers.

    The steaks are cut on the thick side as that’s how I like them , I’ll get the meat minced tomorrow for a start on the burgers

    My freezer will soon be looking mighty full and hopefully the farmer happy when i drop off him a good size selection.

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    I was going to post a few more pics of my chiller packed with the processed meat but i'm being told i've used up my KB quota

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    Where do you get your trays from?

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    My local butchers supplies does them in various sizes they are cheap as chips

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    That looks tasty!
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    Quote Originally Posted by griffshrek View Post
    My local butchers supplies does them in various sizes they are cheap as chips
    Obviously you ain't bought chips lately?

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    yum yum, I have 1/2 from last season still ! It should be ok .....hopefully.

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    My freezer is getting full of stewed apples and apple chutney. Apple tree in the garden. Obviously not shooting enough. Lol. Which reminders me I must get my hands on an electric mincer and a sausage machine at some point.
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