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Thread: 6mm copper bullets

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    6mm copper bullets

    Looking on the internet for 100gr copper bullets for my.243 for us on FC ground.
    Tried all the bullet manufactures that I can think of & can't find any.

    Any one got any informationg on them or am I looking for somthing that dose not exist.



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    Why do you want copper bullets for FC land they have canceled that rule before it came into order

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    Not from what I heard from a FC ranger a couple of weeks back.
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    Copper is less dense than lead, so you won't find any 100gr bullets. Why don't you ask SNH for some guidance? Regards JCS

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    Look for Barnes TSX or Lutz Moeller (guy from Germany ) who make solids that work, not sure on 6mm weights, I use them in 260 and 284 calibre's.

    ​I dont use anything else for deer

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    I have been looking but the heviest I have come up with are 90gr Nosler E-Tip.
    The .243 set up I have is a lot lighter that my 30-06 Tikka so prefer to use that when I can.
    Makes live a bit easier when you have a bad back.


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    Like jcampbellsmith said, even if you find one, your rifle won't have a chance in stabilizing them.

    If you insist, CEB makes a borerider which is dubbed also for hunting, it requires 1-7" twist: - 243Cal6mm100gr50ctMTHVLDSingleFeedMatchTACHunt

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    Quote Originally Posted by MACKY View Post
    Not from what I heard from a FC ranger a couple of weeks back.
    Hi Macky . . . I would maybe ask the FC Manager to clarify . . . I know it was on the table up her for a while but it certainly isnt in force yet . . . not to say however your not included in a trial area ect.
    As been said, you will struggle with 100 grain bullets in .243
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    Might be easier to find a 308 or 270 for that ground. I think Barnes only go up to 85grain in 6mm. Your 243 could probably be rebarreled to 308 if you didn't want to change rifle

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    I have 2 FC leases & the FC manager I deal with is not for it but it might still happen.
    The ranger I was with a few weeks ago said that is all that they are using now & have been for the past year or so.

    Lookes like I will have to try some in the 30-06 instead.
    My .243 with handle 100gr even though it is 1 -10 twist so lookes like I will have to stick to them insted.


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