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Thread: New hind joining the herd!

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    New hind joining the herd!

    Hello all,

    After following this site for a while, (by proxy mainly, through IanF ) I decided it's time to register!

    I've been stalking for the past 10 years and have enjoyed every second, although attempting to drag a Red Stag once, was somewhat of a low point.

    I regularly shoot from .22LR to .308, with my 'go to' rifle being a moderated .270 Sako 75.

    I also enjoy the other rewards of shooting and stalking, being the venison and game meat itself. I spend a fair amount of time butchering carcases and then hopefully turning them into something very edible. Hot/Cold smoking and Biltong making having almost turned into a religion!
    Several of IanF's clients will testify to being used as guinea pigs for this purpose. So far, they have all survived! But I'll get one eventually, oh yesss!

    Malc, just a thought, if you ever need a baby sitter for that fine hound of yours, you know where I am!!!

    Best regards,


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    A warm welcome! Now you must post some of your recipes!

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    Welcome to the sight Jo

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    With a few more applications of sweet potato, I'm sure I could be brought down!

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    jo welcome to the site hopeing to pop down some time to
    meet the two of you ATB pete .

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    Hi Jo,

    good to catch up with you and Ian at the CLA. Todd has just returned from his adventures in the highlands, prooving his worth to stalkers and to me yet again. You may have to wrestle Sandra over who looks after Todd

    I am down your way between Christmas and the New Year with Robin off the site, and hope to catch up with you both then. PM me if you can with your phone number as I misplaced it.



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    Hi Malc,

    It would be great to catch up when you get down this way, so do give us a call anytime. I've PM'd our numbers.

    I've considered the idea of fighting for Todd, however I'm bit of a whuss, so I think I'll just save up and get one... eventually. Gotta love those warm ears on cold days!

    Good to hear he'sdoing you proud again though!

    Finnbear, I have a special on bulk buying sweet potatoes!
    Just bring down the Adnams

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I look forward to meeting up with friends - both old and new!


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    Welcome aboard Jo,if i`d known the food was that good i would have given the Indian a miss Saturday evening

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    Next time, more notice and we won't scoff it all before you show up!


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    Hi Jo
    Good to see you on here, I've built four wooden high sets and hope to get another couple ready before I start on the Muntys. Very comfortable compared to the metal ones I normally build.

    If you and Ian are ever in our neck of the woods your are more than welcome to sit up one and see if its up to standard


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