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Thread: whats wrong with this picture

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    whats wrong with this picture

    whats wrong with this picture

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    Snow on the ground - males probably out of season?

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    The buck must be really really far away..... There's no snow where it is

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    He's wearing one of those daft hats!
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    Backstop!!! Or lack of it.

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    I can't view it on this device!
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    It's still standing after five minutes of me trying to view the whole picture!


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    Just another crazy advertising picture or movie from our crazy Germans.. Blaser, Zeiss...
    ​I may say so, I am from the same crazyness...
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    he wont hit that buck its stood on the barrel he must have some of that scent block clothing on
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    The foresight looks like it would be obscuring the scope....

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