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Thread: Savage Rifles

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    Savage Rifles

    I'm thinking of getting a .243 dual fox and small deer rifle. I looked at the Savage with stainless barrel and composite stock with accutrigger. Has any one any comments on if they are any good etc. ???

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    A friend has had the sporter weight Savage in .243 with Accutrigger for the last three years and has been very happy with it. I have tried it a couple of times - it seems like a solid well put together rifle. The Accutrigger in use takes a few shots to get use to it and feels a little bit like a two stage military / target trigger.

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    I had a Savage Sierra in .270 with a composite stock.
    It shot very small groups but I could not get it to load up from the magazine for the 2nd shot, it may have been just my gun but bugger the hassle so I sold it last year to my local smith and bought a Browning Eurobolt in .279 which feeds correctly and shoots very well.

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    I really like Savage rifles. A buddy of mine has several of them that he changes barrels out on and uses as a "switch-barrel" rig. I know this is difficult in the UK but here in the US it's a real boon. I shot my friends "30 Whisper" at 200+ mtrs and got sub MOA all the way out. What a sweetheart. He currently runs a 6.5x55, a 20 Tactical, and the 30 Whisper full time with extra barrels kept in reserve.

    Savage used to claim that they made the most accurate production rifles in the U.S. and I know that the Cast Bullet Association "Sporting Rifle Production Class" bench rest competition was dominated by Savages for several decades. ~Muir

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    I have a model 10 accutrigger in .243 and I managed to get hold of a 22.250 barrel for it.It has a choate varmint stock,a pes t12 moderator, a 6.5-20x50 leupold and a versapod.
    Every time I pick it up I think the sling is going to snap,it weighs a ton.
    I havent got groups better than 3/4 of an inch with the 243 barrel,and about the same with the 22/250 bbl(secondhand)
    The extractor doesnt work very well,apparently the bolthead is the wrong size.I reckon I could fabricate a new one and sort it.
    The trigger is ok,you need to drop the stock to adjust it.I had to fight the stock everytime I shot it off the bipod,admittedly the choate is a lot better even if it weighs so much.
    Compared to my friend's browning abolt,the only advantage it has is the ability to change barrels.

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    Complete bolt heads/extractors. related parts are available from Brownells here in the US. What ammo are you using? IT is a serious looking rig, for sure. The Accu Trigger doesn't thrill me. A good commercial replacement is a better deal but.... you still need to pull the barreled action to adjust it. ~Muir

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    Savage Rifles

    Thanks for the info guys, how does the Savage compare to a Howa ?

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    Re: Savage Rifles

    Quote Originally Posted by AdamS
    Thanks for the info guys, how does the Savage compare to a Howa ?
    They don't. Get a Howa.

    The problem with most US made rifles is that they are completely overpriced by the time they get here. They are probably good value at $400 - $500 in the US. By the time the get to a UK gunshop, a couple of markup's have been added - they don't look so clever at 700 +.

    Same thing for the Tikka T3.

    Buy a Howa.

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    Re: Savage Rifles

    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler

    They don't. Get a Howa.

    Buy a Howa.
    The prob with Savage is that too many people relate their experience with them to the 'old' company of 10yrs or more ago. I own a model 10 and a 12BVSS, both are stock and i'll put them against any Howa or similar you like.

    There's a reason why F class shooters are picking up a couple of savage stock models - never have seen a stock Howa used though - action maybe, but never complete rifle.

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