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    My fellow stalking buddies recommended i sign on which is an IT miracle as i don't do blogs, twitters, facebooks etc. Stalking for many years in Cornwall. Devon, Dorset and a bit in Scotland on Roe, Red and Sika which is why i have a .308 and .243 to cover all options. Have enjoyed stalking alone all these years but have now acquired an HPR with a Hungarian accent, it was now or never and am now scanning all past deer dog training advice. Interesting reading !! I go to sleep thinking of some past wounded deer episodes and what would have been different with a deer dog. Perhaps a lot less time on my hands and knees in gorse, brambles and bracken with torch in mouth looking for blood trail i suspect!

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    Hi Venery welcome to the site lots of information available just for the asking, I have a Viszla as a stalking companion, has never let me down. Neils Sondergaard has a good book, working with dogs for deer.

    Regards Morgan

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    Hello Morgan and you know who!

    A buddy has lent me Neils book and one by Guy Wallace. Can't believe how quickly the dog is growing 6.6kg at 8 weeks and 13.5 kg at 15 weeks. Very receptive to basic training.What age did you start yours on blood trails etc?

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Venery
    tried her out in Scotland on a red calf shot by a mate who couldn't locate the beast, led me straight to it only about 25 metres but in dense forestry, she was about 6 months old

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    Thanks, that sounds par for the course, i have had same examples of natural early scenting abilities from a buddy with a 4 year old viszla.

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