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Thread: Lapwood Husher

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    Lapwood Husher

    Does anybody have any contact details for Gerry Lapwood ?
    I have a Husher moderator but the front section has been damaged so I need another one.
    Gilly Howe of Modern and Antique firearms used to distribute his moderators but it seems they parted company many moons ago and he has since lost contact.
    Or, if anybody has an old Husher they want to cannibalise, I would be interested to hear from them.

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    Which Husher is it?? They did a Husher one, Husher two and Husher two plus I believe. I have a H2+ which is a large centrefire moderator and I believe the H1 was the smaller centrefire/rimfire moderator.

    Another possible option maybe to contact a gun/riflesmith or someone like David @ the Shooting Shed to get a new section made up.

    I believe from speaking to Gilly Howe years ago that Gerry tried to use his design but made into an over the barrel design, but apparantly it wasn't successful. A bit of a shame really as I always thought they were a very well made product.

    I know several people (Some I havent spoken to in a few years) with various Husher options, once I know which one you have I could ask around.


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    It's a bit late now but tomorrow I'll try and get a picture on here, then perhaps you can tell me which model it is.

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