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Thread: Blade tech sharpeners

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    Blade tech sharpeners

    Looking for any info re:the above sharpeners,for a tenner are they worth a punt or are they just a quick stop gap.
    look forward to all your replys

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    I find them excellent at keeping a blade sharp. I use one on all my larder knifes.

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    I don't think I'd use one on an expensive knife, but it keeps a nice edge on my ten quid mora.


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    I keep one in my jacket pocket all the time - handy piece of kit.

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    I find them very good but don't use much pressure on them.


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    I use a Lansky diamond sharpening system. Not cheap but our knives are razor sharp

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    To aggressive, dtm sharpening systems may well be more money but I have never had my stalking knifes so sharp, I promise you would not regret it.

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    got one on my keyring for car keys etc , so where ever i am i can get a good enough edge back on my knives , a tenner well spent !

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    as above....keep one on my car keys as a back up for a mora or cheaper knifes.....excellent for the quick touch up jobs.
    what do you get for a tenner these days?
    find mine handy

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    I would only use one on cheap throw away knives or as above larder knives. Take a close look at the blade after you use one...they tear the metal! I do prefer ceramic cross stick sharpeners or lansky for thorough job.

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