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Thread: New to the Directory

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    New to the Directory

    Hello, I am a rookie stalker in the Highlands/Islands. Just completed DSC1, the print on my FAC and Shotgun Licence is still wet, my Mauser 66 belongs in a museum but looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for stalking on this forum.

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    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not using it in a fruit salad.

    Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they never get it wrong.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome aboard m'Lady from another novice. The ink is still wet on my deer calibre variation too, but you're ahead in having already completed DSC1. In short, I decided to postpone mine until having picked up a little experience (now planning for February). My first stalk is booked for a few weeks time and an experienced stalker in the same town has kindly stepped forward to mentor me (condition on my FAC until completed DSC1 and essential IMHO to make sure I have the practice/experience to compliment the theory). The forum and many kind members have been invaluable in providing much support and advice already. I hope you too enjoy the forum

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    Hello Lady Wallwork,something very familiar about that name.I'm also in the highlands and islands,Skye in fact!!Going out on Sat morning although i think you may already know that,looking foward to hopefully a successfull stalk.

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    Good evening, Tanner! Very much looking forward to getting out on the hill on Saturday. I am very fortunate to have a great mentor who has taught me a good deal. Sounds like the rut has started out behind me at the parks - amazing! Fingers crossed for a successful day.

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    Thank you. I had done one dry stalk prior to my DSC1 and have only been shooting for a few months but the course in Aberlour was brilliant. John and Andy were excellent trainers and despite being the only female and by far the least experienced on the course, it was very enjoyable and I learnt a great deal. I would recommend it, even if it is not a condition of FAC. But you need to do the homework...the online mock tests I found very good - it boost one's confidence to try the questions before the exam. I haven't felt so thrilled to pass a test since I got my driving licence!

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    Welcome to the site

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    Welcome your ladyship...(Tugs forelock whilst backing out of the room)

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