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    I'm moving to New Zealand for at least 6 months to work as a trainee keeper. Contacted NGO re my insurance and they said that (even though I am a member) my insurance won't cover me whilst abroad for this length of time. Anyone know of any insurance firm who would do this? Many thanks.

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    I would have thought that there would be insurance providers in New Zealand...

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    as a trainee keeper, your employer should have insurance that covers you. where in NZ are you going.

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    Hi James. I dont know exactly what it is you want to insure against, but once you are here (NZ) legally, IE student visa/work pemit or just as a visitor, you are covered by the govt ACC scheme for any injury to yourself whether it be car crash or whatever. UK and NZ have a recipricol agreement, with this being an old colony and all that . Where are you heading?

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    And yes, there are plenty of insuarnce companies here willing to take your money, even some of the big players have nz based agencies. Not sure about affordability though, especially on a trainee type paypacket. This is not a cheap country to live in once you are earning kiwi $$.

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    tell me about it, never new you could pay so much for a rust bucket.

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