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Thread: dsc level 1 manual

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    dsc level 1 manual

    i've recently accuired the dsc level1 training manual by david stretton.
    firstly what a fantastic read for the novice and any one else interested in stalking.
    it says 2008 on the cover but bds sell one feb 09, i am ok to learn old topics.
    also at the back of the manual are all 1-284 questions but no answers, am i to assume that theyre in the manual,should i also get the feb 09 bds book.
    many thanks all.

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    Having the answers in the manual would stop you reading it, however having used the DS version to run a DSC1, I found that not all the answers were in the text.

    I haven't seen a recent BDS version to say if its better.

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    I don't know if this is the one I recently sent off to Bob but if it is it was the one I received from BASC when I rang them to get the manual a couple of months ago so it should be up to date. Furthermore if it is my old one all the correct answers are ticked in pencil to all the questions.



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    cheers, the one i've got is a spiral bound a4, but the one i've seen on the BDS website is a booklet with february 2009 on the front cover,
    and yes having some answers woild probably stop one from reading on and probably you'd learn the answer and not the question.
    i'm worried that the one i have would be out of date when i finally take the assesment in the new year.

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    I have gone through all the questions and believe I have got most right by trawling the internet and using other sources but some seem to be more an opinion question and without experience how does one know the answers in advance of the test?
    I highlighted in yellow the answers on my word document copy.

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    Deer law changed in October 2008.

    Make sure you are aware of the current situation when you answer the questions!



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    I have the BDS Training manual for deer stalkers Feb 2009 and I have found all the answers in the manual, but you have to read it completly. Some answers don't just jump out at you but the course isnt just about answering the questions parrot fashion, its about having a knowledge about deer stalking, humane dispatch and being able to prepare and sell venison legally back into the food chain.
    I think the only recent changes from the previous version are legal calibre for Roe in Scotland and closed season dates.
    The BDS's version has much more than just enough information to answer the questions from the relevant question bank.
    The assessment consists of:
    Answering 40 out of the 50 selected questions selected from the bank of 282 correctly.
    Answer 32 out of 40 multiple choice questions selected from the bank of 182 on big game handling.
    Deer recognition assement from protection images, you need to correctly identify 16 out of 20
    Safety assessment. Demonstrate safe practice in simulated situations and/or answer 10 questions posed by the assessor correctly. These are taken from a list of 25 questions.
    Finally its the shooting assessment, 4inch group with 3 shots at 100m, then 6 shots in the prescribed killing area of a roe deer target,2shots from lying position, 2 from kneeling at 70m and 2 at 40m from a standing position.
    The shooting assessment for highland stalking is slightly differant,

    Hope this helps

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    yes, i don't just want to attend the course to pass, i want to learn as much as i can so i might do the three day course.
    honestly how many can say that they attend because they wanted to learn more about stalking, and how many didt it just as a condition to gaining an fac or stalking ground.
    maybe for thos two reasons it's beying misstreated.

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