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Thread: nd laser lite

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    nd laser lite

    Does anyone use the nd laser lite?
    What are your thoughts on it?
    Bear in mind i would want to use it as a hand held spotting lamp....not fitted to a rifle.
    Would use it while riding a quad at night to spot then turn off to shoot using nv.
    Does it have a wide enough beam for usefull scanning of fields on the move?
    Does it illuminate the targets eyes? Cant seem to find many vids of it in use?
    Thoughts and opinions appreciated

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    I use one to great effect mounted on rifle, I personally don't think it's what you're after for looking for foxes! I scan with a normal lamp to pick them up then use the ND to take the shot. They don't seem to spook or notice the green light so don't look which makes picking them up difficult!!! The beam certainly goes wide enough though to answer that question and it does pick up their eyes if they look at it!! I like it as a piece of kit, it suits my needs, it might not suit yours!

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