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Thread: Superposed small bore.

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    Superposed small bore.

    Back up for sale....

    My Browning B25 C12g hand made in virtually un-fired condition. 20g fixed game chokes and game rib. Superposed hand made Liege gun with 14 1/2" 50/50 dark stock. Fired a few hundred light loads only with teardrops etc.
    27" barrels in unmarked condition all as you would get it from Belgium.
    R.R.P. 17,000 looking for around half that as the gun has no signs of use and is as tight as the day I picked it up.

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    Maybe too dear for those on here...

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    8-9k is a lot of money for most people. If I could afford it I'd definitely be coming down for a look at what I'm thinking is a beautiful gun.
    'Tis the season for people to be spending on game guns though.

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    Thanks Malkswal, the C12g is the gamegun for life. The gamescene engraving and the springer spaniel on the base is truly beautiful. I have only ever seen 3 on Guntrader up for sale and they were all 12's and with this one being in 20g it may be the only one in Britain possibly. I have too many guns not getting enough use and due to a recent serious illnesS it is only fair to let them go to a good home.
    The gun was built for me by Browning in Liege and took 2 years to make. I picked the wood and engraving and it seems to just fit almost all who have handled it on many of its outings... A true game gun indeed.
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    Yes Mark it is a genuine 20g not a re-barrelled 12g.

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    Only one in UK.

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    not buying myself but would be very interested in seeing some pictures and it would no doubt help your cause

    ​sounds fantastic

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    Drop me your email addy via PM i have 3 or 4 images taken by iphone. Don't really do the gun justice?

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    In reply to your PM it never came with a Browning case but i have a brand new BRADY pigskin case for 500 if you buy the gun.
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    if you haven't sold it by Xmas you can send it down to me and I'll put it to the test on some
    high driven Devon pheasants for you
    ​Regards pete

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