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    New rifle

    buying a new rifle, what should I go for, Sauer 202 or R 93, even the Titan 6, calibre in .270 Win or 30.06 Springfield, for stalking roe, fallow, and muntjac with another African trip. I fancy the 202 synthetic what would you buy, have you had either and changed for something else. I like the idea of one action and swopping barrels, also where would you buy from for price and service

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    I'd go for the 202 in 270.

    I saw a couple of clients with titans last year, I wasn't that impressed with the finnish and build quality, you wont go wrong with a Sauer

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    i had a danish client a while back who had a mauser M 03 extreme.

    A lovely rifle for traveling and this guy only hunted as far as i could see.

    good safety over ride system on them ,easy to change barrels and bolt heads.
    a 270 and 300wm would be nice

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    I just bought an off road R93 and I'm impressed with it.

    Nice and light, compact and very accurate.

    I was very surprised to shoot ragged hole groups with factory ammo.

    The Sauer is a nice rifle, my only complaint would be I don't like butter knife bolts.

    The mauser is a very good quality rifle but, even in synthetic it's heavy.

    My advice would be to try an R93 and see how you like the straight pull if you don't get on with it buy a 202.

    The downsides of all three of these rifles is that the mounting systems and accessories are all very expensive.


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    I don't think you will go far wrong with any of those rifles but having not owned any of them I wouldn't like to advise either way.
    Your calibre choice interests me though. The 30.06 would surely be most suitable for Africa. .270 is not far off a 30.06 and both those might be deemed a little 'overkill' for Munties and even Roe? The idea of interchangeable barrells is great though. How about a 30.06 and a 25.06 combination? Very similar when it comes to reloading powders etc but offers a greater amount of flexibility for lighter use. Just a thought?
    If you want to explore the terminal effects of a 30.06 on a Munty first you are welcome to have a go with mine! The 25.06 option is also available if you would like to try that too!

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    I have both a 202 and R93 and both are excellent. The blaser shoots 1" groups with 95gr factory and the 202 groups well with anything you stick down it, from 125gr up to 170gr.

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    For what it's worth, my Titan 6 (in.308) is shooting touching groups at 100 metres, using Norma 150 grain and Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silvertip in 168 grain. It may not be as nicely finished as the Sauer but I'm very happy with that kind of accuracy! I've also tried it with Sako, Prvi Partizan and Federal 150 grain ammo, but not as tight groups, all at between about 3/4 and 1 inch.

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    I have bought two Blaser R93s this year - a 6.5mm & a .243 - as well as a .222 barrel.

    I am completely delighted with the whole system. Enough said?

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    New Rifle

    Thanks for all the replys, any one close to Suffolk with a R 93 or 202 willing to let me handle their rifle, I dont have any decent gunshops where I can see or handle either rifles, I fancy the 202, but R93 owners all seem more than pleased with their choice and I want to buy the right one, as I said many many thanks for all your imput. deerwarden

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    Leec6.5 knows a man with a .270 202 who lives very close to you! He is also an RFD!

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