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Thread: Fallow deer snared

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    Fallow deer snared

    Saw this young fallow buck this evening sitting in a stubble field. He was alert and saw me before I saw him. I got my bins up, looked at him and he was away. Unfortunately for him he stopped 130m from me and turned side on and had a good look at me. Heart/lung shot connected and he ran another 40m and dropped down dead.
    When I examined him I found a snare around one of his front legs. He had managed to break the wire near to where the snare had been secured. The wire had cut down into the bone. No sign of infection and it looked recent to me probably about a day old.
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    Was it a fox snare or do you have poachers?

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    Great Cull! I expect that would have ended badly otherwise with minimum of a lost leg and possible prolonged death from infection? Looks like a locking Fox snare? Nasty!

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    It was a fox snare.

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    Well done for picking him up

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    Good job you was out that evening, look like you've saved it from a possible slow painful death

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    Well done, nice beast to cull with that snare around his leg, surely saved him from a lot of suffering!

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    My wife said 'Poor thing first it gets caught in a snare then you shoot it'. She does make a good point!

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    Good job done fella

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    Humane end for an unfortunate beast!Obviously not enough care taken in setting that snare,and if locking illegal also!

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