dear all,

I've got a few custom builds I'd like to engage on, so I'm trying to find the following actions that are currently sitting on rifles that are shot out, worn out, or for sale at very low prices.

I know it seems crazy think that's even feasible, but some of us/you, might have a gun or two in the cabinet you don't use/want/need which would lend itself let me know if you do please :-)

Mauser 98's - any year is considered apart from during the war/just after, in the following:
a. DWM
b. Oberndorf / DWM
c. FN
d. Modelo Argentino '09
e. Chilean '09
f. Peruvian '12

If it's a crested front receiver, it would be lovely if it was not drilled and tapped, ie. used with barrel band clawmounts, but I know that's a tall order, so would be willing to consider drilled/tapped too of course.

PM me with anything you might have kicking about, bear in mind this will be a for a complete restoration project, so any barrel, stock, etc. will be yours to keep if you want, I'm only after the receiver, bolt body (and shroud if 3 position) and maybe the bottom metal if in good nick.