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Thread: What CF Calibre for fox & rabbit

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    What CF Calibre for fox & rabbit


    I'm thinking of getting a dedicated rifles for night use but want a CF rifle that I can use mainly for fox but which can also be used on rabbit, but leaves the rabbit still edible. I have recently started home loading, so the option of a fox load and a change to a rabbit load would be ideal. I have read that the .22-250 is a good calibre that offers a very flexible load. I have considered .22 hornet but apparently is harder to home load than .22-250 ????
    Also thinking best to stay away from SH 22-250 as unknown use and barrel wear?

    Any advice or experience welcome


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    if your going to muse any CF for rabbits you will need to head shoot only and it will make your rabbits expensive if you want a rabbit gun get a cheap 22 rimmy.
    as to foxes anything in 224 cal flavour will do you,I would opt for a 22.250 as I used to own one but you will get all manner of advice from people who use different calibers.
    a to buying a used 22.250 as long as you have the bored inspected don't worry about as you could be passing up a bargain through listening to shop counter talk.

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    Years ago all that were used was the .222 excellent for rabbits, crows, foxes

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    Another vote for the .222.

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    +1 for the 222 good with light loads

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    any thing les than a .300 rum simply wont stop them

    on a more seroius note have a look at a .22 hornet
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    Hi I have a 223 and a 22 hornet. I love the hornet and am thinking of selling my 223. The Hornet is easy to reload for 13grains of LIlGun and either 35vmax of 40 grain Sierra sp.
    I shot Rabbit with the hornet makes less of a mess than the 223 but you still need to head shot.
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    Plus one for the mighty hornet. Swapped my 222 for a hornet and not looked back. 35gr and 40g vmax both shoot equally well.

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    Get what feels best for you. What about a .204 or .20TAC/PRAC?I'd stick the small end If the calibres if you want to take rabbits, and foxes with a heavy grain bullet. At the end of the day a rimfire will kill a if with a good shot placement, all C/F's will take a fox, again with careful shot placement.

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    Ihear te hornet is a sidle to reload for just waiting for a nice one to come along to fill an empty slot

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