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Thread: Mannlicher Zephr

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    Mannlicher Zephr

    Does anyone have experience or knowledge of this 22LR? It is one I would consider for the collection.

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    Hello Pinkfoot. I tried to buy a Steyr Zephyr a few months ago from the sealed bids section at one of the Holt's auctions. A beautiful rifle, excellent build quality and handling, I would have loved to win it. But in the end it went for about 600 and I'd bid a shade under that. Do you know of one for sale?

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    Pine Marten,

    I believe there is (or was) one for sale in Cambs at Fenland Sports (hope I have the name right).
    No rear sight and 900 IIRC - believe I saw it on Gun Star

    Hope that helps


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    The one in the auction had no rear sight either. It could be the same one! They're quite rare.

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    I had one a few years ago. It was a lovely little rifle. rather wish I had kept it, but it was a stutzen and I couldn't fit a moderator. The scope rails are I think the same as the CZ hornet ie 16mm?

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    I have had one with double set trigger I kept it for a few month then sold it I was not that impressed at all with it .

    regards chris

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    Don't lose the magazine as they are nigh on impossible to find.

    As for Fenland Rural sports their prices are in dream land. The rifles are often mis- described as well. I recall a visit with a friend whom was selling his fathers percussion pistol collection and frankly his offerings for them were insulting. Whilst they talked I wandered around and found a BSA Monarch listed as a "BSA Five Star". The vendor was not interested in hearing that is was a Monarch. he also have a BSA Model E which he called something else .

    We quickly decided it was a place best avoided and in fact it had been wasted fuel to get there.

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    Thanks for that warning Brithunter. I had already decided the 900 was wishful thinking on their behalf. If it was the same rifle that Pinehunter refers to is shows a lack of commercial understanding by the current vendor who would appear to have said, 'Bung 50% on the cost and that's our profit' I think not! Yet another example apparently of someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

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    There's another one for sale in the Holt's sealed bid section for 100-150! If you're still in the market for one, that's a bargain!

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