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Thread: Advice - Pintail Smock

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    Advice - Pintail Smock

    I have the notion of a Ridgeline Pintail Smock ... They look just the ticket, but can anyone
    who actually owns one vouch for how breathable the garment is before
    I part with my cash?

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    Not very breathable at all cadex, I have one and only wear it when using a highseat.

    Sorry cadex mines the monsoon 11 not the pintail DOH
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    Pintail is a much more breathable version of the Monsoon II, so in terms of how breathable it is....considerably more so than the Monsoon.

    The Monsoon however has a higher TPI waterproof rating, so its a trade off i guess.

    The Pintail is completely waterproof, and in terms of breathability it is ideal for more active use.

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    It would want to be more breathable than the monsoon. I have a monsoon and well, it isn't breathable at all. When you say TPI rating what does that mean?

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    My mate bought the trousers and he recons they are not breathable he gets wet through from sweating

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    Just resurrecting this old thread . .. has anyone bought one of these
    pintail smocks yet and can report back on how good they are.

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    I have one of these and my keeper friend wore his for the 1st time last night whilst out with the night vision. He wore just a T-Short underneath and we must have walked for a good 3-4 miles. He was fine and comfortable and thats where you need to be. Wearing the correct base layers are important. If you stick your cotton shirt, woolly jumper on and then the pintail and then get active....expect to sweat buckets.

    It needs to be close to the skin with a base layer(merino wool or of that type of walking base layer) that is designed to wick away the sweat. Ignoring this and yes you will sweat.

    Sitting in the high seat with cotton shirt and a jumper is fine, but get anymore active than that, then you need the correct base layers.

    Using this method, I have NEVER run into the issue that a lot of people have described as "sweating buckets".

    For the price, design and versatility, you will be ok.

    Scott Country & Ridgeline Ambassador.

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    For the sake of less then £80 i wouldn't have thought you could go wrong, i just prefer a jacket with a full length zip.
    As Colin says a base layer is key, you can't beat Merino wool for this, but when you are active you will sweat, its a natural bodily function to cool you down, so dress according to the activity.
    This time last year i was walking up a mountain in -23c, i layered up with a Gore-tex outer, fleece and Icebreaker base layer, even then i built up a sweat, but i was not wet with sweat.

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