Hi All

Over the last 35yrs of shooting/stalking I believe that I only have one regret..., that being not wearing hearing protection whilst shooting from an early age, consequently Tinitus is now an on-going part of life & will be a familiar to lots of other folk on the forum.

For the last 10yrs of stalking I have been using the "Emtec" moulded ear plugs which have served me pretty well, however whilst visiting Garlands 2 months ago to collect stock lines they showed me a new concept of hearing protectors from "Auritech" which I have had on trial on all recent stalking trips. I find the "Auritech" plugs to be a great improvement on my customer fit versions and have become part of my standard kit.

So some of the key features are:

  • Patented ceramic sound filters which are frequency selective.
  • Normal sounds are clearly audible and not muffled which is generally the case with foam & other types of ear plug.
  • No need for custom fitting.
  • Easily pushed deeply into the hearing channel with stem for quick removal.
  • Silicone-free - made from Hypoallergenic Thermoplastic for comfort.
  • Aluminium storage case.

Offer Price Of 20.00 Delivered

More details can be seen at http://www.monarchcountryproducts.co...product_id=189

Any interest just drop me a pm.

Many thanks