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Thread: Clumber Spaniels

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    Clumber Spaniels

    Hi all,

    Im interested to here people experiences with Clumbers. I'm relatively new to stalking and want to have a dog hat can come with me stalking, but also maybe beating and rough shoting. Love the look of Clumbers but wondered what SD members who have experience of hem think.

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    From what i have seen, why ?
    Just get a springer if you want a spaniel, if not get a lab.

    Slooooowwww is the word, and thats from a good friend who's wife has one.

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    If you get the right line they will work but, as nick100 said get a Springer they do the job better and cost a third of the price of a Clumber.


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    I have seen them pick up the scent of a lost fallow and locate it in the thickest patch of bramble and Devon wood, just like bulldozers.

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    I hav seen them Beeing sent for shot birds and watch them run off and bury it... And that was on a field trial...!!!
    yep greatest breed ever especially for the entertainment value... But apparently there are few good lines showing through

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    Sorry but i beg to differ with you all.

    My clumber is 6 months old and is far from anything slow, everyone has commented on how energetic she is for a clumber, however in the house she has her mad moments but will just lie over my feet and go to sleep most of the time even when i move i tend not to wake her up, but when we go out and i show her her dummy she is a different dog.

    She picks up everything extremly quickly, and does i ask everytime without fail and will do anything for me, anyone else has a cat in hells chance though.

    For me, you can keep your labs/springers/sprockers/cockers/labs x springers etc, ill keep my clumber thanks.

    With reference to bury things, yes she likes to dig but has not buried anything once and never runs off with her dummy or toys.

    So if you are thinking about getting one, well its not for me to stay but i would.

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    I have no experience with clumbers so i wil not write them off, and fair play to u for taking 1 on, but u do say energetic for a clumber! I think i'm fit for a fat bloke doesnae actually make me fit thou

    But if it is ur first dog make ur life a bit easier and get a more common breed, lines will be better(less show more working), pups cheaper and far more people will have experience of them so can give u pointers and help with training.

    If u still really want a clumber 6 years down the line go for it, u will find it far easier to train 1 once u have a bit off experience and have a few contacts to help u train if u hit a problem.

    Rare working breeds are rare for a reason and that reason is they geneally aren't as good as other breeds. Bottom line. My mate has just trained a Irish water poodle sorry spaniel to quite a decent level, but if u seen the work and effort he put in to get the dog to that level, really take my hat off to him, but a decent lab or spaniel would have got to same level in half the time without all the Why make ur life more difficult esp so if a first dog
    The popular working breeds are popular for a very good reason

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    Why be mainstream and get a typical gundog? Why not do something out of the ordinary?

    And yes she is she'll keep up with springers labs etc of her own age and gives a fully grown springer a run for her money for her age!

    Back in the day a clumber was a very thought of gundog if you do a bit of research in to them.

    She is my first gundog however I have experience in training dogs alongside my dad - sniffer dogs.

    And why not step up to the challenge it will be far more rewarding.

    And I'd put money on a clumber finding a bird a lab or a springer misses!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stone View Post
    I hav seen them Beeing sent for shot birds and watch them run off and bury it... And that was on a field trial...!!!
    yep greatest breed ever especially for the entertainment value... But apparently there are few good lines showing through
    Hej Rich, They really do have their entertainment value. Not forgetting the slobber and dog hair everywhere. Not had a clumber in the house for over a year and I'm still hovering up bloody clumber hair.

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    Thanks for replies , it's interesting to hear your thoughts. I have had a number of dogs in the past but only ever one working dog who was a springer. He used to work with me in the early 90's when my chosen sport was falconry.
    i had read all the info regarding Clumbers and their speed, habit of burying things, the hair and slobber ( as a kid w had a Newfoundland) so I know what that's like. I've also read many accounts of them having excellent noses, and really that's what sparked my interest. Because of this nose and the apparent not as fast / keen as the other spaniels, would this not make them an ideal dog for the more recreational stalker who wanted something other than an out and out specialist deer dog.
    Just my thoughts on them that's all, and thanks again for sharing your experiences.
    Pezz69, I will watch how you get on with yours when you post on here, I think with the work they may be a good bet for a stalker who wants a dog for deer and the occasional rough shoot or picking up.

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