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Thread: Superb stalking in Galloway

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    Superb stalking in Galloway

    Well, the boys have made a great start and shot two red stags today.
    Both were black and rutting. Good Galloway stags with wapiti in the big one, the smaller one being a Galloway 'hill' stag.

    Nice work and heavy going bringing them in this morning.
    Unfortunately, no photo's - but a good friend has late this afternoon shot another stag on the moor area of our land. So the total today is 3 stags down.

    It's all action in Galloway right now..stags roaring everywhere and the ambient temperature still very warm.......much warmer than it should be right now.
    The temperature is so warm just now, the beast have to be dressed & in the chiller really fast, so pics are definitely not a priority - but now I have one.

    The ground which holds hinds so every year the stags come in during late September and gives us fantastic's a magnificent time, with very challenging hunting.

    After the rut is over, stags will hang around for perhaps two months, but of course on 21st Oct. the stag season closes and the hind season opens. Now that, is even more challenging than stags by a long way!
    A picture of one area within the estate is shown.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks like a beautiful piece of ground.

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    Interesting comment re the wapiti blood. I know Galloway stags have a reputation for going big but first time I've heard mention of outside blood like that. Does anyone have information on recorded introduction of pure wapiti into the area, or is it on the assumption that introduced park stags would have an element of wapiti blood in them?


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    Thats a cracking beast your very lucky


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    I've heard that said before also but I suspect it is not correct/true.

    Would obviously be interested in hearing of any factual evidence that this is the case.

    ​I find it hard to believe there would be any introduced blood line to the Galloway Reds.

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    A truly magical image!!! and well done to all

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    I'm not aware of any wapiti blood in wild UK reds, I'm not even sure that there is any proven wapiti in the main park blood lines from Warnham, Windsor and Woburn that are in many UK reds.

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    We get back tines on red stags ( which have a lot of park blood ) in Meath which are reported to be a throwback to wapiti blood. I had always assumed (without justification?) that it came through the Windsor and Warnham line. About twelve years ago I saw an ad for farmed red hinds running with a wapiti stag. I was sceptical about whether he was a genuine purebred, but park / farm bloodlines are widespread in the wild red herd in Ireland now. Apologies for wandering off topic.


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    Please excuse the query from mild wet Ireland, but is that SNOW in the background?

    Magical view


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    Yes, that's snow....the pic was taken 2011/2012. ATB
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