These bags are made with premium quality leather and Cordura nylon and are guaranteed for life. The design of the bench bag is rock steady and grips the rifle fore end like a soft vice for stability and accuracy. They are heavy enough for steady support, yet light enough for easy transport and setup. Your expensive custom rifle stock is cradled in a suede glove, with no metal or screws that could scratch or mar the finish of your prize gun. Use it any where--at the range, from the deer stand, or even on the hood of your new truck. Steady as a rock and as gentle as your mother's hands. This is the biggest bag offered. It is sized at 16"L x 12"W x 8"H. The Dog Gone Good quality is field tested by renowned sportsmen and will improve your shooting experience. Made in the USA with Premium Leather and Cordura 1000 Nylon. Order this for the ultimate in shooting stabilisation
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