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Thread: Travel Insurance for hunting

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    Travel Insurance for hunting

    ​Anyone recommend the best deal for those travelling with a rifle overseas?


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    The standard BASC insurance covers you for up to 90 days overseas hunting, as long as you stay away from Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon...

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    The policies provide worldwide cover with a limitation of 90 days to cover holidays for members resident permanently in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. (Excluding North America & Canada).

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    Any one have any ideas on people that would offer insurance for a hunting holiday in North America?

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    Basc insurance is not travel insurance just third party shooting insurance. so do not expect it to fly you home if you break a leg while hunting abroad for that you need a proper travel insurance that covers you for hunting in the county that you are going to. the company I use charge me 70 for a year and it covers me for wild boar shooting.
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    OK, fair point, but I have travel insurance too, so I suppose I have all bases covered unless I am eaten by a Canadian grizzly, or that massive Jaws-like muskellunge that me and Young Pine Marten are going to hook next July, "Old Man and the Sea" style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Straker View Post
    Reiver, who do you use?
    I'd be interested too, as per PM request earlier.

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    Have any of you ever needed to claim while in the US?
    The hospital in LA just laughed at my cover note and I had to flash up then claim on my return.
    ​A chocolate fireguard if anything more serious had happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC View Post
    I'd be interested too, as per PM request earlier.
    Hi Eddy
    my travel insurance is with Sagicor underwriting ltd. you do have to tell them that you need cover for hunting wild boar as it is an add on. I got mine through my local broker.
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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