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Thread: WMS Steel Challenge

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    WMS Steel Challenge

    Has anyone done the steel plate day in Wales and how was it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1476 View Post
    Has anyone done the steel plate day in Wales and how was it.
    I haven't but a couple of mates have and spoke very highly about it
    met the guy who runs it and seems very clued up
    ​regards pete

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    Hi there

    I've been twice and it was terrific on both occasions with good weather. A really enjoyable and challenging day all round. The original WMS range has changed hands and is now badged as Orion Firearms training with Andrew Vennables having moved on to open another range on some other remote farm in Wales.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my two trips and would happily add a third (hint to wife there).

    Hope that helps

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    I am thinking about booking but they want full money up front 120 per person per day.

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    Pretty sure that what my other did as she bought me the days for Xmas and I took them in May.

    PM me if you want to call and discuss how it all works - happy to do that.

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    done it a couple of times , enjoyed it thoroughly !

    i think there is some bad blood between orion and wms ? i don't know whats gone on ?

    my experience is with wms.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Thank's for replies its just that someone told me he has had problems getting a day .like its not availabe or to windy etc.Not sure now whether he has is with orion.

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    John O'Brian who runs Orion was a co-director of WMS along with Andrew Venables, Andrew has moved on, and John has taken over the lease. I have been twice and had a good time each visit, although the Welsh weather wasn't in the best of moods last time ! the targets are challanging and from the emails I have recieved, John has plans to improve the facilities (pretty basic at the moment)
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    Its a good day out. Gonna go again just before my trip to NZ next spring to practice shooting at steep angles and long distance. John O'Brian is a good lad but so was Andrew.

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    I've been once it was well worth the trip down

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