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Thread: fallow stalking with lwcddart...

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    fallow stalking with lwcddart...

    Just back after two days stalking with Lee... Too tired to put a full report up yet, but here's the sorel buck I took on Monday morning...

    The weather actually wasn't as bad as the pic makes it look - it was just foggy and some droplets got on the camera lens...

    (Got very wet the next day though...)

    More later...


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    That look says it all! , nice shiny new wildcat too! Steve.

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    Congrats Pippa..

    The deer on the estate always look in great condition..

    If you were in the high seat with Lee you will no doubt be aware he needs a 2 litre flask for xmas


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    Congratulations Pippa, nice Fallow Sorrel, well done here's to the next one.


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    Well done, Pippa. Looking forward to reading about the rest of your exploits.

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    Well done pippa and there was us thinking you had gone on a doe cull congratulations
    Speak soon

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    Many congratulations Pippa, very nice Fallow.

    That's the new Howa then?


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    well done, 8)

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    OK, still tired (and aching) but here goes...

    After meeting up at Lee's larder about 5am, we discussed what was good to shoot and what not - roe were off limits; you could shoot a palmated fallow buck if you were happy to pay the flat fee - most bucks would be lean and stinking anyway just after the rut so not in the best condition. Fallow does and prickets, sika stags and hinds, and muntjac bucks and does were all fair game, as were foxes if you wanted to shoot them.

    We then sorted out who was going where and set off in our respective vehicles to our closest access points. Lee and I were going to a high seat called 'Moose'...

    It was a cold morning - a freezing fog had settled overnight so visibility was poor. As we got close to the high seat we could hear a buck barking.

    Once in position we settled in and started scanning the field of view. The high seat was fixed to a tree such that we had one field to our left which had a partial old crop that had been left to seed, then to the right of the trunk there was a clear field with one or two big trees in it, before the start of another piece of woodland started.

    Lee told me that he fallow were usually quite active at first light, and that in this spot we'd be likely to see them either come in from the left moving right, or come from the woodland patch on the right moving down the hedgeline towards the seat.

    Slowly, slowly, the light started to come up and the fog receded so that I could pick out features instead of just fuzzy blobs.

    Lee then indicated a buck that had come out into the field on our left - "he's only got one antler - you can take this one" Lee whispered. I tried to get my rifle up on the left side of the seat but wasn't quick enough, and he disappeared into the tree line in front of the seat.
    "Get ready, he'll be popping out the other side any second" was my next instruction. Lee had already told me that they could move pretty quickly through this patch, and I'd need to be fast on the trigger.

    Just then, two does popped out of the hedge, closely followed by the buck! "Take the lead doe!" whispered Lee "those does must have been in front of him hidden by the crop"

    I lined up the shot and took the safety off.... CLUNK!

    Damn! In the excitement I forgot to roll it forward and the noise spooked the does who took off running. Lee tried to squeak them to a stop but the were off. Luckily the buck was a bit dopey and after a couple of barks he paused broadside and I took the shot. The thwack of impact was clear and he lurched then staggered a few yads and dropped. I kept him in the sights for a while just in case but he stayed down. When nothing else popped up for a while we came out of the high seat and walked over to him.

    As he'd popped out of the hedgeline we'd spotted that in fact he had both antlers but wasn't fully palmated, and as we reached him we could see he was a sorrel, and clean - he clearly hadn't been rutting this year. "He was a good one to take - I reckon about 45 kilos" said Lee.

    After the obligatory photo, I dragged him to the hedgeline. Lee showed me his preferred method of gralloch and I helped remove the guts, head and feet. I bagged the feet as treats for my dogs, and we bagged the offal for the larder. Leaving the carcase cooling, we stalked round some of the woods as it was still pretty early, but after seeing nothing else we headed back to the larder to fetch the quad bike for the recovery.

    When we got the carcase back and on the scales he weighed in at 47kilos - not a bad estimate from Lee!

    Sadly that was to prove the only shot for me over the rest of the time - we saw loads of slots, heard barking and even heard one crashing through the woods at one point, but saw nothing else to line up on. The weather on Tuesday was grim and the deer were all just lying up waiting it out.

    Hopefully it's improved today and whoever is out with Lee will bag something.

    It's a great piece of land, with over 30 seats to choose from, mixed territory with open fields, firs and deciduous woodland. A great bunch of guys - many thanks to Lee, Ian, and Brett...

    Oh - and don't miss out on the full english breakfast at the Mortimer Arms! I shan't need to eat for a week....


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