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Thread: Sako or Steyr???

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    Sako or Steyr???

    Evening all,

    Got a mate who is looking to pick up his first stalking rifle and have narrowed it down to either a Sako A2, or a Steyr Mannlicher SSG.

    He's going for a .308, and have seen both rifles second hand for very similar price.

    Whats the general concenus on which to go for?



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    Probably the Sako and here's a nice cheap A2 one for you with a scope and bipod

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    Bit like asking me to choose between Marmite and Peanut Butter

    I adore them both

    Sako has it by a cracker


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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker
    Probably the Sako and here's a nice cheap A2 one for you with a scope and bipod

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    Sako by a country mile. SSG cannot easily be re-barreled when shot out but Sako can and make very nice semi customs.

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    Sako, no question. Better finish, reliable, more accurate and infinitely better after sales service in the UK.

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    I can not comment on the SSG, but I do have a Sako A2 in .243 with a 1:10 Border Archer barrel.

    All I can say is that it all just feels right.

    Cheers + ATVB


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    I have had a mannlicher and I was impressed with it.

    However, given the choice, I would go with the sako. They are easily rebarreled when shot out, custom stocks can be bought etc.

    I now have 2 sako semi customs and a sako 579. I would have to be hard pushed to have something else.

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    I've got both. Steyr Mannlicher Classic half stock in .243 and Sako 85 in 22-250. The .243 shoots to 3 tenths of an inch at 100 yards, and the .22-250 to half an inch. I p/exed my SSG because the plazzy mag disintegrated!

    In the .243 I use RWS TMantel 100 grain PSP, and in the .22-250 Federal Power-Shok 55 grain PSP

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    See in this weeks shooting times there is another good reason not to get a Mannlicher, stock split though the pistol grip on a 2 year old rifle. Mind you his fault for not buying a proper synthetic stocked rifle.



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