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Thread: A .22 fun shoot at our club.

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    A .22 fun shoot at our club.

    Our small rifle and pistol club had it's once-a-month range clean up last Sunday and, as usual, we had a .22 fun shoot afterwards. We had 9 members that stayed to shoot in the 30-40mph cross wind that was bending the hay that afternoon.

    As usual, most people brought an assortment of .22LR weapons and that always creates a problem; what is a fair game to the guy with and open sighted rifle? and what is fair for the guys with a scoped rifle? We settled on 100M NRA metallic silhouette "chicken" targets at 50M. These steel targets have a main impact area of about 1" square. We first swapped and borrowed iron sighted rifles and fired two courses of 5 shots for each person, standing. It was hard. Then we switched to scoped rifles off hand. I had three scoped rifles (A 453 CZ, a Brno, and a Ruger 10/22 Custom) so there were plenty of guns to go around for these two courses of fire. Then we did the same prone for two courses of fire. None of it was easy.

    By the end of the first round of prone fire we were down to 4 shooters; the others having decided that the wind was to much to handle. After the second round of prone fire we lost one more. At that point there was my friend Bob, his wife, and myself. Bob said, "Shall we get serious?" and cut lengths of baling wire and put a loop on the end. In the loop he threaded a 1/4" fluorescent orange plastic craft bead. We planted 8 of these wire/bead assemblies on the 50M berm and proceeded to shoot at them prone while they waved back and forth in the wind. When we got started on this round, Bob and I were tied in score. The winner, by the way, got a 500 rnd brick of (scarce) .22LR ammo. Bob and I are very competitive with each other. We shot, doped wind, shot... on and on but in the end we both lost. His pretty little wife hit three of these beads with her CZ 452 Varmint while we only hit one each, and had quietly amassed enough hits over the day to beat us both! I was happy to see the two of us get beaten by a steeley-eyed marksman of farm a girl. Bob was certainly proud. This day at least, the best man was a woman. ~Muir

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    Sounds a great day.

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    You cannot beat a little plinking now & then , & they are good tools for trajectory learning.

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    Sounds great, I so wish I had a range close to me, I enjoy target shooting but simply do t have the type of ground that allows it.


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    can't beat a fun day ,we used to have a polo shoot winner takes all, a polo was hung on a bit of cotton and try to shoot the target out from the center 10p a go. for the RNLI. we also used to have once a year in the winter a trophy shoot all the tin trophy and other naff cups and any other winning prizes would be put out at 50- 100 yards 4 guys 4 lanes, the pots etc of their fellow shooter would be the targets that they could shoot, rifles on the point on the buzzy 50 foot run and load/shoot last mans trophy not holed was the winner and got to take it home again a good drink and BBQ at the end of the day with lads and wives kids to end the year

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    Thanks guys. The is something fun about a group of people competing with .22 rifles and (here at least) handguns. We have shoots where we shoot prone at playing cards set edgewise in a cardboard backer at 25M and off a bench at 50M. People here don't realize the potential of a good .22 rifle for pure accuracy. When the serious guys are together we will shoot 40 S&W pistol casings off of a rail at 100M or empty 22 hulls at 50M. With the price of .22 ammo so high we have dialed if back quite a bit. I think that made Sunday's shoot extra enjoyable.~Muir

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