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Thread: Muzzle break or shooter's prone position

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    Muzzle break or shooter's prone position

    At the heavier duty end of my rifles, I have a Savage 110 BA in 0.338 Lap Mag with manufacturer's muzzle brake. I have always had some considerable difficulty reacquiring the target to spot fall of shot after firing, the muzzle always flipping to the right and taking the target out of the sight picture. I had thought that this was a muzzle brake issue and perhaps I should be thinking of changing it.

    Recently, I had my first few pops with a new AI AX50 and had the same problem. A fellow 50 Cal shooter suggested that it could be my prone shooting position.

    I have not had this issue with any of my lesser (but no less loved) rifles and have been shooting for some 40 years with some reasonable degree of success, both sporting and in competition.
    Could it be that I now have to think about consciously adjusting my orientation to the weapon or is it more likely to be am adjustment or change of muzzle brake? ?
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    If you dont try either you will never know, prone position first

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    338 lm or 50 cal , there is always gonna be 'flip' I guess. from a cannon power hand held tool

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    Id suggest its your body alignment behind the gun in correlation to the target.

    The rifle needs to be "on" you get behind it and line up so that recoil comes naturally down your back, through your pelvis and inside leg (an imaginary line), the recoil will not cause the rifle to torque off target if you are naturally aligned.

    This allows for better readiness for follow up and possibility of sight picture retainment.

    ​Though with a 338, thats not always a certainty..

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    you could use a muzzel brake that you can move/rotate to correct some of the flip they have a bolt that locks it in place to the direction needed the sako trg has it so do's the tikka tactical . think dolfin arms do them or sand bag it use a f'g heavy bag with a short tie and clip hook to bi-pod
    or if you bi-pod has the holes in its feet peg the bugger down.

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