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Thread: Hornady .17HMR Blue Tipped

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    Hornady .17HMR Blue Tipped

    Not exactly a stalking calibre but I have been using a batch (with a blue tip) that were very cheap. My source appears to have dried up and I wondered if anyone knew of a source of them. Preferably in the midlands.

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    Yep try here, half way down the page. I'm hopefully picking up a new batch Friday.


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    I read somewhere that they were simply a manufacturing mistake and apart from the colour of the polymer tip they are ballistically identical to the normal red tips? If so I guess they are a bargain!

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    i have literally just got in from buying 250 my 17 is a bit finicky with its ammo and only likes hornady and i hope they will be the same as the red

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    Thanks for that Chris.

    Glad to hear you got some anyway sirlampalot.

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