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Thread: Secondhand .308 of European build

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    Secondhand .308 of European build

    Hi, I'm looking for the above mentioned item for someone I know, needs to be screw cut, can come with mod and mounts. Budget of 650 inclusive of mod and mounts, please pm me with anything of interest.

    Kind regards, Olaf

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    I have the mauser 66 forsale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
    I have the mauser 66 forsale.
    Hi Chris, thanks for the post, its a superb rifle but is not screw cut, has no mod, and has no mounts. It would be a crime to have that mauser screw cut anyway. If you can think of a solution then lmk.

    Regards, Olaf

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    Pretty sure there is a Heym on guntrader at sensible

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    Olaf, did you get sorted?

    I've been mulling over selling my Brno ZKK601 .308 which is screwcut as it doesn't get much use at the moment and it's unlikely I'll be in the position to stalk any larger deer for some time,

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    He did - he was asking on my behalf and I bought the Heym. Lovely gun in good nick. I've been meaning to ask here if someone can help me identify the model... Got it cheaper than the ad too, so very pleased.

    Unfortunately, that now means I'm not in need any more, though I did look at a 601 and liked the look of it, so if I was I'd be thinking hard. Hope you get a good sale if you do move it on.

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