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Thread: This will work with Venison.

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    This will work with Venison.

    Cracker End!.... Normally a term for what is left after the petrochem types have had all the best out of the heavy oils, Leaving just enough to make Carbon Black to go into the tyres!... I have just emptied the last of a brew of bitter beer, that was residing in the garage, A very "Heavy" looking liquid!, A fine nose, & a great colour, Just enough to fill a couple of pint glasses after providing enough liquid to braise a kilo of finest Scots beefsteak trimmings,, this along with some roughly hacked carrots /onions/spuds/garlic/ black pudding horseshoe's etc,& will be allied to a few small dumplings on Monday evening, to salve my having to to do the Fylde run!, I Have had to explain to Mrs Finnbear, that this dish cannot & will not be ready until Monday evening!.
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    I am in on monday dont forget to bring some in .
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    Sounds good!! I made some stout a while back and my wife kept saying that it would go great in a braise with some beef so the last couple of pints from the cask went into the cooking pot. I like the name Cracker End my brew was called Stout Mancunian after a SD stalker friend of mine from the wrong side of the pennines.

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