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Thread: .22 FAC Air.

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    .22 FAC Air.

    I have a slot on my ticket for a .22 and money in the bank. Looking for a setup, please get in touch. Preferably local so I can view and shoot it before purchase, many thanks, James.

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    I have a Ripley AR5, the case and the scope have been sold already. So it is just the rifle and mod.
    Work takes me all over the U.K. so if its the sort of thing you are looking for let me know, and I will bring it with me next time I'm in your part of the world.

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    got a carrer but in cornwall

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    Air Arms 510 xtra fac

    Ive an Air Arms .22 510 FAC XTRA, born about 15 months ago with owners handbook,original purchase receipt, and recent AIR ARMS warranty repair receipt.
    The rifle had an air cylinder with a few teeny rust spots on it, due to the last owner not keeping the bluing oiled and pristine,so i complained to AA and they stripped the rifle, replaced various seals even though only about 8 months old at the time and fitted a spanking new cylinder.
    It runs from 6LB to around 32-34LB pending what pellet and power you use.You can also lock off the power adjuster to whatever power you like which ive done via an allen screw.(Max Power)This is fully adjustable.The wood is very nice.
    It comes with 2 of 10 pellet mags,A jack pyke camo bag,and some AA heavies to get you going.Its fitted with sling swivels, and the scope and strap in the picture isnt included.
    It does 1 inch groups on a still day at 80 yds.It doesnt need a mod as its a shrouded barrel,a kind of in built mod.Also included is an adaptor to fit an 1/2 unf mod like a sak, but you can use as is, its really not bad at all.Its in really nice order, i just fancy a change thats all.
    I would prefer face to face if poss.Im in North Kent.460 pounds please.
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