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Thread: Possible Headspace issues with Factory 308

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    Possible Headspace issues with Factory 308

    Last year I attached a mod to my R93 in 308. I was using Blasers`s own brand CDP ammunition. After the first shot, the bolt was stuck firmly and would not pull back. It took 5 minutes and some force to eventually free it. No more shots were fired until March of this year. Today I tried some Normal 150gr Jaktmatch rounds and there was no issue whatsoever and the accuracy was superb. I tried Privi 168gr HPBT and the bolt was quite difficult to pull back but accuracy was still superb.......the guy in the next lane was a reloader and he examined the sign of pressure whatsoever.......Would be grateful for any suggestions as to any causes and possible solutions as I am sitting on quite a lot of 165gr and 168gr ammunition!

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    Rough chamber, over pressure loads despite appearance of primer? Might be worth checking for case head expansion not just eyeballing the primer.

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    Call local gunsmiths to see if they have a set of go/no go gauges for .308. I seem to recall headspace being an issue on some switch barrel Blasers.

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    sell it and buy a proper rifle,
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    funny you should say that ! i was at bisley the other week and i was on the zero range a chap had a new howa he was going mad trying to close his bolt on ppu factory ammo so before we had a bit of his rifle as he was't happy with it i try'd some Geco i had and presto it was slick, and then another chap tryed some lap and factory ball ammo all fed and closed ok just the ppu was not havin it !!! made me wonder if high speed sizeing was at fault ,or just that few box'es he had of ppu.
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    I had a similar sort of problem when I first started reloading and in the end I took measurements from the Federal ammunition that worked well in my R93.

    There may be a slight difference between the brands of factory ammunition that you have used and it may be worthwhile comparatively measuring the dimensions before and after firing just to eliminate this as a potential source of the trouble.

    atb Tim

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