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Thread: Blaser, love them or hate them?

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    Blaser, love them or hate them?

    Why are there so many people on here against/slag off Blaser rifles?

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    Ugly which is of course a matter of opinion,and the materials used in manufacture.

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    Think its the action and the price . Having said that I recently bought a k31 and love it you can get them for 200 - 300 at the moment think the blaser is a whole heap more

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    They're fugly that's why I can't stand them
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    I know a lot of people who have owned them, and sold them?
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    Don't care what they look like they are good and accurate

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    Membership of the blue oyster club is compulsory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tikka2506 View Post
    Why are there so many people on here against/slag off Blaser rifles?
    because they will never be able to afford one so they like to slag blasers off
    ​regards pete

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    Fantastic rifles if your happy to shoot in the .2's and .3's out to circa 300y. I do miss mine in the woods. I'm into more accuracy now

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