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Thread: The onesie wearing Porridge mucher Rab nails a Fallow!

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    The onesie wearing Porridge mucher Rab nails a Fallow!

    Here's big Rab nailing the last of his deer for his level 2, quality shot placement although he never gave me much time to get on the deer once he saw the shot was on!

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    Congratulations big man...

    Time to drop that wee pea shooter in for a proper calibre
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    thats a mans calibre terry! hahhaha the old parker hale and hawke scope preform well ! couldnt stop smileing all day today when i was at the pheasants like , well chuffed!

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    Disposable gloves and sleeve protectors would have saved you getting blood up to your elbows !

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    lol, porridge muncher gralloch that, tied off the anus with his teeth

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    Good one Rab, bet you're please the border control guy would not put "cheap" down after Parker Hale!


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    cheers lads! thistledeyke that made me laugh lol i love that rifle it groups up perfect just need to get myself a zeiiss duralyte and a synthetic stock for it and it will be a deluxe parker hale hahahha

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    Well done Rob, it's a great relief to get that done isn't it? Good shooting too.

    Paul - I think I recognise the forest, just need to work out which clearfell that is!

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    I could tell you next time you're up...

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