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Thread: Winter shooting gloves

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    Winter shooting gloves

    Not long to go before the temperature drops and despite wearing mac wet gloves my hands get fecking cold in winter months, so what gloves are people using when out on the hills?
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    I got myself a pair of Hestra mountain gloves in the sales in val d'isere - they are the only gloves that have ever kept my hands properly warm, even at the top of the Alps. They will be used in Scottish winter conditions - although would remove the left hand one just before taking a shot - left handed, and not sure if I could shoot in them.

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    I suffer badly from the cold (i even had the fire on yesterday). I've tried masses of different gloves and have yet to find one that works! By the end of last winter my hands were badly cracked, chaffed and used to bleed when I came in from the cold.
    Ive invested in a pair of Outfox Arctic gloves for this winter. They came highly recommended from some professional stalking friends. They were expensive but if it stops a repeat of last year I will be happy!

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    I drop one of these in each, keeps your hands warm, and helps to dry wet gloves...

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    wear army surplus arctic mittens, you need to keep a good circulation
    ....... tight gloves make your fingers colder.

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    Have a look on the Norrona website. Can't recall their name.

    For sitting up in the snow I'm thinking of getting a pair of electronically heated ones from the US. Had the link for some camo non motor bike black ones but lost it.


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    Liner glove and over mitten works well if its really cold I use this for hill walking in winter and will be adapting this for stalking.
    Look here for some info.


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    sealskin shooting gloves and mondial wool liners or RAF pilots gloves with cuffs with same liners

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    Sealskins for me too

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    Hatch Specialist, not sure if there is a UK distributor but easily sourced direct from the US. Snug fitting sniper gloves, buying a size up won't hurt. S

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